Care Instructions


Season your QueBQ with this oil process before using it the first time. Spray the firebox interior and chimney interior with vegetable oil or PAM (walls, doors, grates, - everything inside the firebox and chimney). Do not spray oil on the QueBQ exterior or the kamado. Fire-up your QueBQ with charcoal and wood chunks, letting the oil sizzle and sear. Pre grill for 35 to 45 minutes or longer. Follow with a light spray misting of clean water inside the firebox. The QueBQ should be seasoned once a year.

Firing Up Your QueBQ

We suggest using charcoal when first starting a fire. Use kindling (paraffin-soaked starter blocks, vegetable oil soaked paper towel, etc.) or a propane weed burner to get the charcoal burning. Starting with charcoal minimizes the dirty smoke during startup, keeping your QueBQ and kamado exteriors cleaner. Add enough charcoal to create a nice, small bed for the fire, but not so much that flames come out the front door or chimney vents (2-3 small shovels-full). The QueBQ is very efficient, and a large fire is not needed or desired. Open the door vent and chimney dampers on the QueBQ.

Once the charcoal is coated with ash and the bed is nice and hot, add a dried hardwood chunk. Add more charcoal, then wood, in small amounts as the fire starts to burn well and the wood smoke turns from black and gray to an almost clear blue color. Set the chimney dampers to the desired cooking position to start warming the kamado.

If doing a combo cook, start the kamado fire at the same time as the QueBQ fire. Be careful when first starting to feed QueBQ smoke into the kamado that the kamado's charcoal fire does not go out.

Cleaning Your QueBQ and Kamado

Besides cleaning ash from the firebox, there is no need to maintain the interior of the firebox. Periodically wipe soot and grime from the dampers when they start sticking a little.

The cleanliness of the kamado interior is very important to the quality and taste of your food. Burning charcoal in a kamado creates a lot of soot, which can build up, along with grease and fats from the food, inside the cook chamber. We highly recommend that the kamado be “burned off” with high heat after each use. Burning off keeps the seasoning but eliminates the off-flavor of old burnt grease and creosote.

After a combo cook, clean your kamado by opening the chimney dampers completely and removing the daisy wheel outlet control. The kamado can burn itself out or the dampers can be closed after the smoke is running clear. Don't worry about the charcoal, it is of little value after the first use, anyway.

The key to consistently cooking delicious food is a clean grill. Heat is what does the cooking; the smoke does the flavoring.

Exterior Cleaning

The exterior of the QueBQ should be cleaned regularly with a mild soap and soft cloth. It is normal for some soot from the fire to build up around the door and door vent. This soot, too, can be wiped off.

Your QueBQ is coated with a quality high temperature paint system, but the performance of this coating is dependent on how well it is cared for. The QueBQ should be covered with the kamado cover to keep it out of the weather, if possible. The coating is softer than a conventional paint system, so will scratch and gouge easier. When ready, the QueBQ can easily be blasted and re-coated with any quality high-temperature powdercoating. Contact us if you would like to use the same paint system we use.