High-end stick-burner barbecue smokers are agreed to be the gold-standard of smoke flavor. The QueBQ smoker is a stick-burner firebox designed to competition standards so that you can cook like a real pitmaster. The smokebox inside the QueBQ is made of ¼” thick steel - common in competition-style smokers. This mass of steel, when hot, allows the fire to burn more cleanly and steadily and tempers changes in the heat output of the smokebox. The QueBQ is almost 250 pounds of steel.

The smokebox in the QueBQ is also insulated like the best competition smokers to maximize fire control, heat retention, and quality smoke output. The top of the QueBQ is insulated and the QueBQ enclosure is designed to create an insulating air space around the smokebox. Thin uninsulated steel smokeboxes, like those found in the smokers sold in the big box stores can’t compare.

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