When using the QueBQ as a smoker, the daisy-wheel
controls the temperature within the kamado. The outer
dampers in the QueBQ chimney are closed and the
center damper is open, like in the picture above.

The QueBQ is a competition-grade smoker firebox designed to
work with the large Big Green Egg(R) and the Kamado Joe Classic
(R). The live fire in the firebox produces that same clean,
sweet-smelling smoke as a campfire. The hot smoke rises through
a chimney that is aligned with the air inlet of the kamado. A
patented 3-damper air control system provides total control over
the smoke out of the QueBQ and the smoke and air into the

Combo Cooks

Combo cooks are one of the most exciting cooking opportunities
for your QueBQ. No other barbecue or grill system can do
combo cooks. A combo cook is where the QueBQ adds its live
fire smoke flavor to a regular kamado cook.

For a combo cook, the kamado should be set up normally. Use
the daisy-wheel to control the kamado temperature. Open the
upper and middle chimney dampers and use the lower chimney
damper to balance the amount of smoke and air drawn into the

Of course, you can also use your kamado as always,
but think of the possibilities!

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