Why does competition-style barbeque taste so great? To get that wonderful, clean smoke flavor of great competition-style barbeque, a live fire is needed.

We need two things for a fire – oxygen and fuel. A kamado fire and a live fire differ in both, creating the differences in smoke and flavor.

Kamados control temperature by controlling the oxygen to the fire. By limiting oxygen, the fire smolders.

Charcoal has lost most of its flavor-producing compounds, so it smolders well. Wood can be used in kamados, too. But wood creates heavy, bitter, sometimes acrid, smoke flavors when it smolders.

A live fire is controlled by the amount of fuel, without being
limited by oxygen. A wood fire with plenty of oxygen
produces gases that burn to create the flame – and the
flavor. Over 100 flavor compounds are formed in the flame of
a wood fire to create the distinctive campfire smell
characteristic of a live fire.

Because we're not limiting air to the live fire, the kamado
temperature is controlled by how much of the hot smoke is
drawn into its air inlet. The rest of that great smelling smoke
just wafts out of the chimney, making you hungry and your
neighbors jealous!

The QueBQ is a live fire competition-style stick-burner firebox for use with your kamado. It can be used to create competition-style barbeque. By having a live fire in the QueBQ and a charcoal fire in the kamado, the QueBQ can also add great live fire smoke flavor to everything you cook in your kamado.

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