Smoked Babyback Ribs

The QueBQ firebox in combination with your kamado
creates the ultimate backyard cooking system.

The QueBQ turns your kamado into a true
competition-grade stick burner smoker. Now, you'll be
able to smoke barbecue ribs, shoulder, brisket, and
chicken like a true pitmaster!

Smoke-grilled Wings

By adding live fire smoke flavor to anything you cook in your
kamado, the QueBQ can also improve the flavor of everything
you normally cook in your kamado. The QueBQ more than
doubles the types of cooking you can do on the already
versatile kamado!

Add the wide variety of natural woods you can use to create
smoke flavors and the cooking possibilities are virtually endless.

There truly is nothing like it. It's the ultimate backyard smoker, oven, and grill system. Are you ready to start the journey to a higher level of cooking?

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