Ultimate Control

The key to the QueBQ's versatility is its unique, patented 3-damper chimney that provides the ultimate control for two types of fire at once.

The lower damper (1) releases smoke from the QueBQ firebox to the atmosphere. With this damper, you control the amount of smoke to the kamado and the amount that discharges to the atmosphere.

The middle damper (2) simply turns on or shuts off the smoke and heat from the smokebox to the kamado. With this damper closed, no smoke will go to the kamado.

The upper damper (3) lets fresh air into the kamado. Open this damper when using charcoal in the kamado along with a wood fire in the QueBQ to mix in some fresh air for the kamado fire.

The QueBQ is a dual-fire barbecue and grilling system like
no other! It's a pitmaster's dream.

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